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River Sado

Welcome to the tour that combines the world's noblest animal with a canoe trip along the banks of the Sado River. Starting from the Hotel Rural Casa das Cegonhas in Herdade de Porches, just 10km from Alcácer do Sal; the journey begins with a horseback ride towards the river.

The canoeing route starts there, covering approximately 3km. Taking advantage of the tide, we disembark at the North or South dock and finish the last segment, enjoying the final 30 minutes on horseback back to the starting point, Casa das Cegonhas. The rhythmic motion of riding and paddling and the proximity to the environment create a sensory experience that allows riders to immerse themselves in the surroundings fully.

At Casa das Cegonhas, and subject to booking, you can enjoy lunch at the end of the tour. This tour can also include a picnic in the fields.

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Horseback Ride + Canoe | 2h | €150/person.

Horseback Ride + Canoe + Picnic | 5h | €220/person.

Horseback Ride + Canoe + Lunch | 2h + lunch | €190/person. 

For private tours an additional fee of €150 applies.
(All prices are VAT included).

Photos and video

Our multidisciplinary team, specialising in photography and drone videography, captures the best moments of your tour and preserves your memories. 

The photography service guarantees a minimum of 40 individual and group photos taken from scenic locations. 

Our video service showcases high-quality clips of your group, include panoramic shots to offer a comprehensive view of the surrounding landscape. The video has an average duration of 3 minutes and is a high-quality film (Full HD).

We aim to personalise the service by creating exclusive content and adopting a documentary approach, ensuring you enjoy the tour without interruptions or distractions. Even in group activities, our team concentrates solely on your family or friends.

After the tour, the photos and video are displayed on monitors for your decision, enabling you to finalise your choice to acquire the content. 

The content is delivered digitally via a link and remains accessible for download six months after purchase.


Pack (Photo + Drone): €200.00

Additional information

  • The tour with the picnic included starts at 10:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm.
  • Certified helmet and gaiters.
  • Necessary equipment included.
  • Saddle type: English and Spanish.
  • Breed: Lusitanos and others.
  • Style: trail.
  • Recommended attire: Pants and comfortable footwear.
  • Languages: Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish.
  • Activities are available year-round and subject to a minimum number of participants.
  • If weather conditions are unfavourable, the program may be cancelled, and any payment made will be fully refunded. 
  • If the client is not in suitable physical or other conditions, the ride may be cancelled at the guide's discretion. 
  • We do not accept payments with American Express, PayPal, and Transferwise.



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