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Our project, Cavalos na Areia, originated in Comporta and was founded by José Ribeira in 2011.


For José, who practically grew up in a saddle and started riding horses at age 3, equestrian tourism was realising a dream. At that time, he lived in Lisbon and worked in other fields but seized the opportunity.


Starting with just twelve horses housed in an old rice warehouse in Torre village, the school and rides have grown sustainably with respect for the environment. Today, we have over seventy horses near the rice fields in modern facilities. 


The project's recognition stems from its unique natural surroundings—a vast sandy stretch surrounded by rice fields, pine groves, and dunes integrated into the Sado River Estuary Natural Reserve. It remains untouched by mass tourism, preserving traditional characteristics and attracting travellers worldwide.


A more established firm, Cavalos na Areia, has expanded its horizons and offers new rides in various places, always with a common thread: communion with nature in the most remarkable spots we have selected in Portugal.


Recognised in 2017 as the “Best Tourist Entertainment Company” by Turismo do Alentejo and awarded “Mais sensação” (Most Sensation) at the Alentejo Oscars gala, our success is evident in testimonials, media coverage, and visits from notable personalities like Madonna, Shakira, and Ronaldo, all of whom have contributed significantly to our visibility and popularity.


The team

"Our success is the result of the work of a cooperative team composed of experienced guides and instructors."

José Ribeira

“We safely introduce people who have never been on a horse to riding experiences, often lasting more than one hour."

Damas Teixeira

Luis Almada

Vasco Avô

Márcia Pinto

Damas Teixeira

Rute Martins

Bernardo Neves

Our team has an in-depth understanding of horses; most of us began riding very young, some as small children.

Recognised as riding instructors, with some actively engaged with the Portuguese equestrian association, we form a highly energetic and dynamic group. Our vehicles transport our horses to different locations, and we actively participate in all activities.

We prioritise safety and well-being, welcoming children and, even with no previous experience.

Open 365 days a year, our goal is to bring joy, especially to those who have never ridden a horse.



Carlos Pfumo

Nuno Tátá

Rui Gonçalves


The horses

“During their resting periods, our horses roam freely in the fields.”

Vasco Avô

Our carefully selected and trained horses reside both on our premises and in the adjacent estate we lease, providing ample space to roam. We have around 70 horses, who alternate between working for one month and resting the next.

Our veterinarian, visits them every week. As they age, the horses remain part of our community, residing here permanently.


The environment

"We hold deep concern for the natural environment that surrounds us. We carefully assess the impact we cause and clean the areas we traverse."

José Ribeira

With expansion came increased responsibility. We conducted an environmental impact study that spanned nearly a year. Throughout this period, the people conducting the survey lived alongside us and observed the impact of our presence.

They conclude that our impact is negligible, thanks to our adherence to marked trails and dedicated environmental cleanliness efforts.

We strive to minimise our only negative impact on the trails where we ride; we constantly clean the area.

We also improved the areas we traversed. Around the trails, the local fauna and natural flora have thrived more than in more distant locations.


Cavalos na Areia contributes to quality tourism and engages in social responsibility projects with local schools and organisations.



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