Two day ride

EN261. Km 6 . Torre
7580-681 Comporta

Horseback riding on the beach, river and mountains will be a unique and exciting experience for nature and horse lovers. During the tour, you have the opportunity to explore different scenarios. 


It's a refreshing escape, providing relaxation and a deeper connection with nature, offering a break from the daily grind. Prepare for an unparalleled and memorable luxury ride.


Experience Highlights: 


1st Day - Journey from Comporta Beach to Sado River.

·  The route runs along the rice paddies, through the pine forest, and through the dunes until it reaches the beach, a paradisiacal sandy Atlantic coast. 

·  Enjoy a hearty lunch at our facilities in Comporta. Later, we head to Casa das Cegonhas in Herdade of Porches, traversing the scenic cork tree landscapes on horseback and kayaking along the Sado River. 

·  Conclude the day with a journey to Setúbal's Hotel Casa Palmela. Here, every detail, from the lobby to the guest rooms, is designed with a consistent aesthetic, ensuring a harmonious stay for guests. 

·  Savour a delightful dinner before settling in for the night.


2nd Day - Horseback Riding in Serra da Arrábida

·  Breakfast.

·  The ride experiences the magic of Serra da Arrábida and is in close contact with untouched local nature, farm fields, and vineyards.

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(Jan - Dec) €799/person*.
(VAT included)
*Minimum 6 persons

Photos and video

Our multidisciplinary team, specialising in photography and drone videography, captures the best moments of your tour and preserves your memories. 

The photography service guarantees a minimum of 40 individual and group photos taken from scenic locations. 

Our video service showcases high-quality clips of your group in diverse settings, including rice fields, dunes, and the beach. In addition to focusing on your group, we include panoramic shots to offer a comprehensive view of the surrounding landscape. The video has an average duration of 3 minutes and is a high-quality film (Full HD).

We aim to personalise the service by creating exclusive content and adopting a documentary approach, ensuring you enjoy the tour without interruptions or distractions. Even in group activities, our team concentrates solely on your family or friends.

After the tour, the photos and video are displayed on monitors for your decision, enabling you to finalise your choice to acquire the content. 

The content is delivered digitally via a link and remains accessible for download six months after purchase."


Please get in touch with us for pricing details and to include this option in your reservation.

Additional information


1.  Horse Ride in the rice fields, Dunes and the Beach.

2.  Lunch in Cavalos na Areia Comporta.

3.  Transfer to Porches, Horse in the River.

4.  Horse Ride in the River + kayak in Casa das Cegonhas.

5.  Transfer to Hotel Casa Palmela.

6.  Dinner at Hotel Casa Palmela.

7.  One  Night in Hotel Casa da Palmela.

8.  Breakfast.

9.  Horse Ride in Serra da Arrábida.

10.  Transfer to Comporta - Cavalos na Areia.


Not included

1.  Domestic and international flights.


More information

  • We have certified helmets and gaiters.
  • Necessary equipment included.
  • Saddle type: English and Spanish.
  • Breed: Lusitanos and others.
  • Style: trail.
  • Recommended attire: Pants and comfortable footwear.
  • Languages: Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish.
  • Activities are available year-round and subject to a minimum number of participants.
  • If weather conditions are unfavourable, the program may be cancelled, and any payment made will be fully refunded. 
  • If the client is not in suitable physical or other conditions, the ride may be cancelled at the guide's discretion. 
  • We do not accept payments with American Express, PayPal, and Transferwise.



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